Spiritual Check-Up & Counselling



"We must listen to our soul, if we want to stay healthy"

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)


Surely you have been wondering what exactly is the

meaning of life, what is my mission in life, and how I

can meet here the most effective


The spiritual Health Check-up and

Counselling assists

you with existential, partnership and

health issues.The aim is to

understand the causes, identify what

to do and put it into action.





The spiritual checkup will help people

with health symptoms and problems.

The self-esteem is strengthened,

inhibitions and blockages as well , it

supports the self-healing powers.

Health counseling can help to

prevent diseases in advance.

The aim of my consulting is to

explain to people the cause of

their problems and show them

perspectives, so that they can

change their lives to their

advantage, with or without

additional help






As a channel for the divine I will help you to find your own personal way in all situations in life,

to recognize your personal questions and your divine destiny.In special sessions you will get

help with blockades, inhibitions, fears, and challenges. In particular, I support you in:

- Obtaining clarity and awareness

- Increase the self-healing power

- Improving mental balance

- Mental and physical illnesses

- Sleep disorder

- Strengthening of self-esteem

- Decision making

- Reliable information about past, present and future

- Clarification of critical developments in partnership, family and business relationships

- Find new life orientations


You learn to recognize the external and internal circumstances of your life. I accompany you with impetus for healing and transformation on the basis of pure consciousness.





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Want to know more about your life?

Find solutions to your problems?

Are you on the way to awareness?

The spiritual check-up and Counseling may include the following:


Check-Up of the subconscious mind, advice, support, partnership problems, problems within the family, dealing with the past, addictions, compulsions, fears, phobias, negative feelings, emotional blocks, loneliness, guilt, anger, stress, financial worries, fulfillment in life, goals, desires, dreams. Spiritual advice on all your questions : love and relationships, family and children, profession and vocation, well-being and self-discovery and whatever you have on your mind.

I will accompany you as a spiritual medium on your way to individual solutions for your personal situation.

I will help you to improve your personal situation.