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Spiritual Retreats

Exploration into our relationship with God


Completing my journey at Surya Muni was one of the greatest achievements of my life, but you do not achieve without pain. It wasn't easy, and so if you're looking to relax by a pool and flirt with strangers, I wouldn't recommend this particular journey for you.

If every part of you is screaming "YES!" at the idea of attending, then do it. It'll be the greatest thing you ever do for your mind, body, and spirit.


Kat ( New Zealand )

Visited January 2017

What will happen in a spiritual healing retreat ?


the spiritual retreats at Suryamuni Healing Center are an exploration into our relationship with God, as a channel for the Divine,I will help you to find your own personal way in all situations in life, to recognize your personal questions and your divine destiny.

You learn to recognize the external and internal circumstances of your life. My destiny is to help people in the world with health symptoms and problems, I will accompany you as a spiritual medium on your way to individual solutions for your personal situation.

Healing powers were given to me by the grace of the Divine, if you are open, you will get the feeling and your life will change in a positive way, on the other side - if you close up yourself, nothing will change - Don't blame it on God, it is you who chose to remain in the darkness.

As every individual is different, my healing sessions and retreats are also never the same, depending on everyone's need.

I don't offer spiritual entertainment. Only the Divine has the power to clear your Karma, nobody else can do that for you and finally everything depends on you yourself. Divine Healing comes from the source of Creation and is only possible, until we open the gates of our own willingness to be healed. .


6 Days / 5 Nights


3 Days / 2 Nights




What you can expect at Suryamuni Healing Center ?


If you are planning to book a retreat at Suryamuni Healing Center, come without any expectations,

just come with an open heart and open mind.

Suryamuni is a small personal spiritual Healing Center, where we practise a simple lifestyle.

The costs for the retreats and healing sessions are affordable. The Healing Sessions are personal

and the group size of the retreats will be not more than 10 people.

As the Healing Center is also my home, you are not a customer, but a guest, who shares my home

and my life. Many guests left as my friends.

Suryamuni is not a 5-Star Wellness Center or Spa, so we eat and can cook together and helping each other.

I do not ask you for any deposits, once you arrive at SHC and you don't feel like to stay ( because the place or you don't have the right feeling with me ), you are always free to leave and I will not charge anything, only for expenses already spent like transfers etc.

I am an open person and I like to live in peace, and if you have the same kind of spirit, we can have a great time together.


The food served at SHC is simple but good and healthy, authentic Thai vegatarian cuisine. You are vegan, vegetarian or eat gluten free - just tell me, and I will do my best, to serve you the right meals. The meals will be 'same same, but different ' - same like all of us.


Balanced Body & Mind


Under the guidance of Divine Energy you will relax, refresh, rejuvenate your body, mind & soul and find back to your true self.

Healthy Nutrition


Healthy Thai Vegetarian / Vegan

Dishes prepared with local herbs,

roots and vegetables.

Karma Clearing


As a channel of the Divine I change

the vibration of the energy body,

to balance your chakras and to

clear your Karma.

Yoga Challenge


Through physical exercises, the asanas and pranayama, and meditation, a harmony between mind and body is sought.

Meditation Practice


Open your heart and quiete your mind

Chakra Balance


The ultimate goal of Chakra

Balance is to balance your

energy flow in controlling

your health

"Amazing experience


I am deeply grateful for the time spent with Eve. She is an authentic healer, a deeply caring and wise woman. I have spent 5 days with her and found her wise words and kind heart refreshing and extremely helpful. The spiritual ceremonies have been deeply touching and the yoga, first class.

Her cooking was amazing as well; I will never forget those authentic Thai dinners and the smells of all the herbs she uses for the delicious dishes she prepares.

I left feeling refocused and refreshed with a new outlook in life and a much deeper understanding of myself and my life purpose. I did not expect I would get so much from those 5 days when I did my booking, but looking back at this experience, these were the best spent 5 days of my life.

I would highly recommend her for anyone who's really serious about their healing journey."








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