Herbal Treatment

Herbal Treatment

Some of the herbs  I use for the

treatment I find in the jungle near

by  the  Healing Center and be


by myself and guests:

Traditional medicine in Thailand

In our Center you will find a selection of special natural herbs,

balms and oils for your health  and recovery, which are essential in the healing process.

Traditional medicine in Thailand is historically split into three disciplines:

Spiritual Healing, Massage, Food and Herbal Medicine.

Each treats a different aspect of the

Circle of Life.  At Suryamuni  Healing Center we practice and teaching this diciplines and treatments.

Herbs are a part of a holistic system of wellness that takes into account the whole self—mind, body, and spirit. Herbs, Food,  Herbal  Balms  and  Oils affect the human organism by causing physiological changes in body chemistry, and therefore these are considered to be primarily therapies for the body essence.