Mantra Puja


An essential part of puja is making a spiritual connection with the divine, to create and setup thoughts of spiritual forces in and around us. This is best of reciting some essential mantras and consists of purification by driving out the devils or bad tendencies and invoking devas or good tendencies.

Reciting these mantras while bringing to mind your past negative karma purifies that karma and

connects us with a higher power that we call God or divine Consciousness.

This power, which permeates all creation, is the power of life. Through the conscious prayer our heart is opened and gives us healing, compassion and wisdom. If you don’t purify your negative karma you will not achieve a perfect human rebirth.

Purifying negative karma makes it much easier to attain liberation and actualize the path to enlightenment. It also decreases your suffering and any obstacles that might arise. In doing this we by the way purify this life’s problems, such as relationship and health problems, all of which come from negative karma. This all depends on how strongly, continuously and perfectly you practice purification.

The more we focus on something, the more it becomes part of our reality.

Mantras  -  The Power Of Sacred Words

The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit syllable "man" (think) and "trai" (be free) - freedom from the illusion.

Reciting a mantra is used to release mental energy as well as the veneration of divine protection

Mantras are powerful Sanskrit sounds that create divine frequencies and burn negative karma. 

Mantras are tools for spiritual power.

Everything that exists has arisen out vibrations.

"In the beginning was the Word ... and the Word was with God" ( Bible )

Behind is a fundamental, important truth:

The world is sound.

According to ancient tradition every manifested object comes from a primordial vibration which is symbolized by "OM" that "OM" the infinite and divine beings and the entire universe symbolizes. We are made of light and pure energy, all human beings are beings of energy that vibrate in unique and beautiful frequencies as divine notes in the symphony of the universe.

Tradition says that each manifested object emerged from a primordial vibration.

It is necessary to purify our body and soul. This is possible for us by using these holy words.


Prayer is an inner source that brings us into resonance with the Divine

Prayer is a conscious communication that connects our thoughts and feelings with the eternal presence of God.

Puja is a path of spiritual devotion, a trust in the higher power that leads us.

This spiritual devotion leads to acceptance and self-awareness, and gives us the power to overcome our everyday worries and our ego, letting go of the dark powers of our everyday life and our life to the good.

Suat Panyak Ritual

this video I made at the naerby Lipa Noi Buddhist Temple and is an example of powerful mantras, recited by Buddhist monks,

SUAT PANYAK is a sacred, Thai traditional Buddhist Ritual to remove bad karma and evil spirits