Body Mind Spirit Retreat

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Spiritual Healing Center

6 Days 

Body Mind Spirit



All retreats are designed for those who want to be connected to their true Self, an enjoyable week long experience with the hope that you will carry away practical tools for continuing personal growth, health and spiritual well-being in daily life.

Here you get a chance to rejuvenate your body and mind through Spiritual Healing, Yoga, Thai Massage and Meditation sessions.

Each program is customized to restore balance and revive your energy. Focus your healthy holiday on healing your mind, body and soul with nutritional, physical, spiritual and personal  guided healing sessions and treatments, like Yoga, Meditation, Thai Massage, Herbal Treatment and vegetarian nutrition.The retreats  focusses on self-transformation and rejuvenation for all  and helps you to connect to the Divine Consciousness and a return to health and wholeness and evokes a refined awareness and deepening spiritual understanding.



You will leave with the feeling of  incredibly relaxation and inspiration and be grateful for your life and the knowledge of spiritual experience and wisdom, that there is more in life, then you ever could imagine.

Under the guidance of Divine Energy you will relax, refresh, rejuvenate your body, mind & soul and find back to your true self.




" Treatment for your body but mostly for your heart and soul "

" I was looking for something real and authentic, spiritual but not commercialised and in a simple environment. Well, Eve offered exactly that. It might not be for everyone but it was exactly what I needed. With Eve's way of teaching and talking, healing and joy I feel so much gratitude. She offers you her heart if you are honest with yourself and with her. She offers a lot, has a lot to give, is very humble, open, direct, warm, generous, and is so funny and just wonderful. The focus is on you as an honest and authentic human being. Any luxury would just take the focus off of what's important during the retreat: YOU! A big thank you to Eve and her helpers for an unforgettable caring attitude. You will be forever in my heart! "

Tim ( USA )

Visited January 2018


Day 1

  •    Arrival in Samui
  •    Airport / Pier Transfer to your Resort
  •    Introduction and Welcome Drink
  •    Free Time to relax
  •    Dinner in a tropical garden

Day 2 - 5

  •    Detox
  •    Mantra Puja
  •    Refreshment ( Hot / Cold Drinks / Fruits )
  •    Yoga
  •    Breakfast
  •    Personal Healing Session 1x
  •    Free Time To Relax
  •    Thai Massage
  •    Relax on the Beach / Pool / Mountain Hiking
  •    Detox
  •    Coooking with Consciousness
  •    Dinner

Day 6

  •    Detox
  •    Prayer / Mantra Puja
  •    Breakfast
  •    Airport / Pier Transfer

Retreat Includes :


In the Retreats we work on a personal level

as well as on a group level

Please note, the schedule may be subject to change under certain circumstances if necessary

What is included:

  •    Private Healing Session
  •    Spiritual Counseling
  •    Mantra Healing
  •    Chakra Balance
  •     Karma Clearance
  •    Herbal Treatment / Detox Dailyg
  •    Mantra Puja Daily
  •    Yoga Session 4x
  •    Thai Massage Session 3x
  •    Cultural Tour , optional
  •    Breakfast & Dinner  ( Vegetarian Dishes ) 
  •    Cooking Class
  •    5 Nights accomodation
  •    Airport / Pier Transfer on departure



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