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True spirituality, for me, means  connecting with the Divine, to wake up from the trick we all play on ourselves of feeding the ego through self-improvement. To realize the true joy that involves letting go of the ego and just being, here in the moment. We will change,  when we  shift our sense of identity from the ego, to the soul, which sees only unity. And we begin to live differently. We begin to live with joy and harmony.

Celine , visited 2018

Soul healing is a path of transformation, a journey that connects the body, heart and mind to free the soul.

we have to free the soul from the ego. Our egos can be fed by many things, including spirituality, thinking we are developing spiritually when instead we are strengthening our egocentricity through spiritual techniques.

Hello dear Eve

One of the topics that came up in my Karma Cleaning was how I kept ignoring happiness. It was always so near and I constantly tried to look for it so far away. Always a step ahead. Not in the moment.

This was quite hard to take in that moment, I gotta admit. But I dare to say that I understand it now. And I am happy that I am much more aware of the beauty in life. I feel good with what i have and am - or at least I know that I am on the right way of healing. : )

I am sure that we will meet again.

I wish you all the best and send you hugs

love from snowy Switzerland

Journey to the Soul & YogaRetreat

3 Days / 2 Nights

This retreat offers you the perfect environment to find the inner peace and sense of direction, the opportunity  to feel a deep connection with God. When your heart makes a deep connection with divine love, miracles can happen.

The retreats focusses on supporting your own spiritual journey, with spiritual talks, energy balancing healing, and spiritual counselling sessions, to enjoy deep soul healing.

Health is a  reflection of your consciousness and the ego is the biggest major block.

Spiritual awareness and growth can effect a transformation in your whole being.

It can help you to develop a basic trust and faith.


A young man went to Gautama Buddha and sought the Master’s guidance to achieve Enlightenment

Master how long will it take for me to achieve enlightenment?

It all depends on you......

If I put in ten hours of meditation every day how long will it take?

Maybe ten years

What if I put in fifteen hours meditation?
Maybe fifteen years

[getting irritated] What if I meditate for twenty hours?
Maybe twenty five years

The young man was almost infuriated.
I cannot understand your logic—the more effort I put in, the more time it will take—this is ridiculous, Please explain.

As long as you are fixated and obsessed about your goal you will not achieve it. Just do spiritual practice without one eye on the goal. Let events take their shape.

Retreat Schedule

1. Day

Arrival in Samui

Introduction and Welcome Drink

Thai Massage

Dinner in a tropical garden

2 . Day

morning ( 6 am - 12 )

Mantra Puja

Refreshment ( Hot / Cold Dinks ), Fruits



Personal Healing Session

Spiritual Healing & Counseling / Chakra Balance / Karma Clearance / Mantra Healing


Thai Massage ( Thai / Oil / Foot Massage )             

( Massage Sessions will be offered 2 times during the retreat

Free Time to relax on the beach / pool, swimming, hiking


                       Dinner  -  Cooking with Cousciousness                                 Learn to cook Thai vegetarian Dishes and learn about the traditional Thai Herbs and Ingredients. Dinner is prepared by all guests and we will have a joyful and healthy Dinner Time together

Free Time for  Recreation and Relaxation

3. Day

Prayer & Mantra Puja



Farewell - Airport / Pier Transfer


Retreat Includes :

The Journey to the Soul  Retreats Include:


Private healing session

- Spiritual Counseling

- Mantra Healing

- Chakra Balance

- Karma Clearance

Mantra Puja daily,

Yoga Session  ( 2 times )

Massage sessions ( 2 times )

Cultural Tour ( optional )

Breakfast and Dinner ( vegetarian dishes )

Cooking Class

2 nights accommodation


In the Retreats we work on a personal level

as well as on a group level

Please note, the schedule may be subject to change under certain circumstances if necessary

Airport transfers can be arranged for an additional charge

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