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The Balance between Body and Mind

Yoga Teacher - Kate

Through physical exercise a harmony between mind and body is sought.

Yoga is actually suitable for every person who is open to it and has a positive effect on many health factors.

Typical "civilization disorders" such as stress, insomnia, headache by congestion, backache, joint pain can be alleviated by taking part in a  yoga class and periodic continuation at home. The physical yoga exercises are still likely to strengthen the muscles and to resolve stress-related cramps.

Especially the change from holding a tension and systematic, deep relaxation and easing effect on the body very positive.

Participants gain a new confidence in their bodies and to reach their inner balance. So be solved both physical as well as mental blockages.

Yoga knows no performance penalty. The increase in own abilities adjusts itself over time by itself. It does not matter how many of the poses can be complied with. Anyone who has health problems, will win through yoga to strengthen the physical and mental skills and improving health.

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