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Suryamuni Healing Center is located on the west-coast of Ko Samui, at Lipa Noi Beach.

It's the beach with the most beautiful sunsets and a still remote area, compared to other beaches on Samui and mostly habitated by the locals, living their normal Thai way of life.

Suryamuni is about 30 Km from Samui Airport and 5 Km from the ferry piers ( mainland / Koh Phanghan )

You will find us on the west-coast of Koh Samui,

between the beach ( 1.2 Km ) and the mountains ( 1.2 Km ), a 15 Min walk.

The Ferry Piers are about 5 Km from the Center.

Sawai Home Resort

Sawai Home Resort is right on the beach

Sawai Home Resort

a 14 Min. walk to the beach

beachfront Sawai Home Resort, Lipa Noi

beach front Sawai Home Resort, Lipa Noi

Lipa Noi and the West-Coast is a nice area to explore, easy to move around by bicycle, to visit Ladwanorn Waterfall, nearby temples with a mummy monk, the Cultural Center and local markets. Driving through coconut plantations,watching the locals preparing the coconuts to make oil and to watch romantic sunsets on the beach

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