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All about Eve

Who is Eve ? Sometimes I ask this question myself - my life was different then most of any others. I was born in Bangkok, where I have grown up.

I didn't have an easy life when I was a little girl, I had to fight for my life, many 'strange/ mysterious' things happened to me, which I didn't understand at that time. But also I had many opportunities, and I had the chance to get a scholarship at the University in New York. I got in touch with the western life style, enjoyed the concerts in Central Park  in NYC, listened to CSN&Y, the Moody Blues ...

Once I came back to Thailand, I decided to live a simple life and I moved to Ko Samui, 39 years ago - that time, there was no electricity, no car ferry service, no airport, and the ring road was just built. The few bungalows on the island, didn't have attached bathrooms, everybody had to share the same bathroom out in the jungle, the bungalows were made out of coconut wood and a palm leave roof, very very basic. Because all the tourists had to live a simple lifestyle, without mobile phones, motorbike / car rentals and discotheques - everybody enjoyed to play volleyball, or listening guitar sessions on the beach.

I organised the first Full Moon Parties in Samui and people were talking about me , even in Goa.

Anyway the world is turning and we have to accept the changes, but still - we have to keep the spirit high, to live open, honest, simple and respecting each other in a peaceful way.



    In my private healing sessions, I will help you to

  •    experience healing ( any sickness )
  •    to heal trauma
  •    to gain access to your intuition
  •    to acquire the feeling of inner wholeness
  •    to discover your primal power
  •    to tap into the source of your inner guidance
  •    to find answers to life's questions
  •    to expand your consciousness
  •    to change your life according to your ideas

There is only one happiness in this life,

to love and be loved.

My friends in India

I am living here in Samui since 39 years.

I was living and travelling in America, Europe, India and Nepal, to experience different cultures. Everywhere in the world people are struggling for life, suffering from sickness and   looking for a new way to change their life.

                                                               Healing powers  were given to me by the grace of the Divine                                                                                          I am not a healer, I am just a channel for the Divine - that's my destiny. 

                                   God is the true Healer.  

                               As one of a few Thai ladies, born and grown up in Thailand, who manage a Spiritual Healing Center in Koh Samui,

I can give you helpful / first hand informations and practical tools about Thai Buddhism, Thai Herbs and a buddhist lifestyle.

From the Buddhist view, the mind is the creator of sickness and health,

and finally of all of our problems. The cause of sickness is internal,

not external. To heal sickness, we have to engage in positive actions.

We have to clear the negative Karma. You should be constantly aware of      all the actions of your body, speech and mind.

Therefore it is necessary to not only cure the disease with medicines , but also the cause of the disease, which originates from the mind.

I enjoy the nature of Lamai Beach, Ko Samui - nearly 40 years ago

Open your heart and you will have friends, wherever you go

Relaxing time in Nepal - The Bull of God Shiva and I


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