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Lipa Noi Beach

Koh Samui, Thailand

Open your heart and quiete your mind

Authentic Spiritual Healing

Divine Healing comes from the source of Creation

As a channel of the Divine I change the vibration of the energy body, to balance your chakras and to clear your Karma. Healing powers were given to me by the grace of the Divine. I am not a healer, I am just a channel for the Divine - that's my destiny.

God is the true Healer. 




Through physical exercises, the asanas and pranayama, and meditation, a harmony between mind and body is sought. Anyone who has health problems, will win through yoga to strengthen the physical and mental skills and improving health.


As a channel for the divine I will help you to find your own personal way in all situations in life, to recognize your personal questions and your divine destiny.

In special sessions you will get help with blockages, inhibitions, fears, and challenges

"  Eve is the real deal in the realm of healers and spiritual guides. I was skeptical, not wanting a charlatan or a commercial retreat site. The healing was likely one of the odder experiences of my life, but the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is excellent! "

Tracy ( USA ), visited December 2018


Focus your healthy holiday on healing your mind, body and soul with nutritional, physical, spiritual and personal  guided healing sessions and treatments, like Yoga, Mantra Puja, Thai Massage, Herbal Treatment and vegetarian nutrition.

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