What my guests say

What a great experience

I came to Thailand for some 'Me Time' I felt I lost myself and wanted to try and get back on track. I came across Suryamuni as I wanted something a little more authentic and traditional.
When I first met Eve and Klaus, I didn't really know what to expect. I stayed in a bungalow with a lovely quiet beach and a beach restaurant, 5 mins from the Healing Centre. Klaus would pick us up every morning/evening.

The 6 days I spent with them was great, they welcomed me into their home and I felt so comfortable. Eve cooked us breakfast and an evening meal, we had Yoga sessions, Chakra balance, full body massages. Eve gave me some great advice and I will always be grateful for that. She's a very special lady.

Miss them both. I will definitely be back next year to see them.

Tina ( UK ), visited April 2023

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An amazing experience at Suryamuni

Came here for 5 nights session and it was truly amazing experience - the stay, the sessions, the hosts (Eve, Klaus and Ao). It was during my first solo trip and have no regrets. I loved all of it and you really need to come with open heart and mind to truly experience the sessions and wisdom that Eve has to offer.
I felt so warm and welcomed by them and so grateful to have been brought here by divine. They’re doing such great work of helping others which we need more of in this world more than ever.
I definitely recommend staying here for longer to fully immerse yourself and connect with yourself and god. ✨💕
Will miss my time here. ❤️

Aakansha ( India ) , visited March 2023


amazing healing and guidance

I have only just today left Suryamuni spiritual healing center with the amazing healing and guidance from Eve with the help of Klaus. It was such an unexpected experience that blew me away. From the moment that I sat down with Eve she told me the 2 things that were the reason that I came to her. Eve knew nothing about me, but immediately knew why I was there somehow via her intuition or channeling. It’s something that I cannot properly explain. Their hospitality and food where amazing and it is an experience that I will repeat one day and I highly recommend this to everyone.

Howard ( UK ) , visited Dec 2022


My dear mother Eve,

i just want to say thank you, for the time i could spend with you and the people around you,
I asked for help, for some guidance and it was you who was sent to me. Thanks for all the wise phrases you told me, for all your loving care, for your help and assistance, for the mantra!, for your whole being. Its amazing, how you life from your heart, thanks for your unconditional love.
See you soon!!

Yours Katharina ( Austria )

Date of experience December 2022

simplicity is the soul of efficiency

I already had a good feeling when I booked this retreat with Eve, but I didn't think it would be so significant for me and my further path in life.
With Eve you feel that everything is real. With her you don't have the feeling of being a guest, but of being at home.
She is a kind-hearted person who welcomes her fellow human beings and shows them what the important things in life are and what it means to be truly human. Through her energy and empathy, she has the ability to put people on the right path. It is important to be open to it, because in the end it is the person who has to solve the problem. But with her help she gives you the necessary motivation and hope that this will succeed.
Eve and her family gave me a very good feeling and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.
The individual retreats were well coordinated, and in between you had the opportunity to retreat to the hotel for a few hours and process the experiences there, which I personally find very important.
I would have preferred to stay a little longer, but it motivates me all the more to come here again.

Date of experience: November 2022

Lisa ( Switzerland )


Hi Evie!

I am sending you all my heartfelt thanks for a wonderful retreat! For me, the presence of Ganesha during the Karma Cleanse was an extremely powerful experience. I am still processing your words now that I am home, in hopes of gathering more valuable tips.

Love to All,

Cyndi (Cynthia), Canada, visited Nov 2022

Truly life changing experience

on the 6 day retreat with Evie. Detox, Massage by Om, Yoga and delicious vegetarian meals. If you ever want to truly take charge of your life and do the right thing, this experience is for you.
The Yoga session was so good and I could keep up even as a beginner but was sweating like mad. Coupled with the daily detox "cappuccino" I felt cleansed and renewed, body and mind.
Looking forward to an amazing future. Thank you Evie

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Julia and Osig ( Nigeria ) , visited October 2022

I feel very blessed

to have spent six days with Eve and Au this past July. I had planned to do a 7-day silent meditation retreat in Samui, but after spending 2 hours with Eve for a personal healing session (consultation and karma clearing), I felt a very moving, comfortable connection with Eve and a pull to return. I still went to the meditation retreat but, after a couple days, decided that doing a 6-day detox treatment with Eve was more in line with what I was looking for. I'm so glad I made this decision!

I'll always cherish my time at Suryamuni. Eve is a loving, kind, generous soul and a knowledgeable healer. She and Au instantly made me feel at home. I loved my morning yoga practices, learning mantra puja, and cooking (and eating!) delicious Thai food in Eve's kitchen. Most of all, I loved chatting with Eve and Au and learning about Thai Buddhism, culture, and traditions. I left Samui with a deeper understanding of my own spirituality and a special relationship with Eve and Au that I will always treasure. I hope to visit them again soon!

I would encourage anyone with an open mind and open heart to visit Suryamuni. It is a wonderful place for people looking to detox, find personal and spiritual guidance, and discover a different culture and tradition. Those who are spiritual or open to spirituality will benefit most. I consider myself Protestant and love learning about other traditions and beliefs, so my time with Eve was an amazing opportunity for me to ask questions, learn, and explore.

If you are considering a visit, my best suggestion is to email Eve and follow your instinct and your heart.

Kate ( US ), visited July 2022

Divine experience

What an absolute divine experience! Evie is one of the most precious persons I have ever met. The guidance and talks will stay with me forever

Miranda and Karel ( Namibia ) August 2022



I truly enjoyed my visit and meeting Eve. I would highly recommend visiting the retreat.
I have received a very warm welcome. I am very grateful to Eve for everything. I felt like the weight was lifted of my shoulders. I will most definitely be coming back, only stayed for 3 days, but it was so worth it! It was very empowering, unique experience for me. Thanks Eve

Giedre ( Lithuania ), May 2022


Mind Blowing

Eve is a true healer, a beautiful shining soul! It is my greatest blessing to get to know her. She helped me through my emotionally most difficult time. I am forever grateful for her.
Thank you Eve! ️
I only can recommend you to visit her if you feel the urge!

Jennifer ( Hungary ) January 2022

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It was an amazing experience

Just wanted to say thank you so much for today it was an amazing experience which I will hold in my heart all my life I really felt I was meant to get to see you.  I'm just so grateful for you seeing us today and for all that you do and all that you bring to people's lives god bless you


Sue ( Ireland )

visited January 2020

' She carries her spiritual gifts with radical honesty and generosity '

Almost exactly a year ago my husband and I went to be a part of Evie's 3-day Divine Healing Retreat. As soon as we arrived, it felt as if Evie already knew us and treated us like family...she spends hours spiritually preparing for her guests to arrive and it was so clear in the deep understanding of us she already seemed to have even although we'd just met. I felt so seen and loved by her. I was immediately endeared to her bluntness, humor, humility, generosity, pure joy, and palpable wisdom. Sitting with Evie is so special. She'd be serving us delicious, nourishing food from her garden and all the while sharing wisdom that felt so personal to where we were at in life. I couldn't take notes fast enough. Every part of the retreat programming felt meaningful, but these in-between moments at her dining table, hearing her speak directly into our lives is what will stick with me forever. The Puja ceremony in Evie's home temple is a life changing experience that's difficult to describe and so powerful. She had us begin a 10-day mantra cleanse while we were there, taking the herbal blend that she plants in the jungle around her home (wow are they potent!), taught us how to pronounce the Polysanskrit mantras she gave us to chant each morning at sunrise. She told us we would feel the difference in our energy at the end of the 10 days, and the shift was so real! We have decided to repeat this 10-day mantra cleanse every 6 months and it's been a powerful tool for clearing and going deeper in our spiritual practices. Today is day 10 exactly 1 year since we did it for the first time, and I wanted to express my gratitude and share it with anyone who is considering Evie's offerings. She carries her spiritual gifts with radical honesty and generosity. She has served her local community for decades. Of what you pay for these retreats, she only keeps the operating costs and gives the rest away. She explained that she has to do this so that you'll receive the energetic benefits of her work. She is the real deal and I trust her so deeply! I'm inspired to live my life in this way--sharing everything I have and so that the fullness of healing energy can flow through me. If you feel led to this retreat, I recommend that you go in with an open heart and open mind

Charity Luce ( US )

What a surreal journey

What a surreal journey I’ve had with you including the dogs. It was where time stood still, no worries, no thinking just love and secure.

I wish you all the best.

Much love
Nicci ( UK )

visited January 2020

The next phase on my spiritual journey, leveling up !

Truly an honor to have the opportunity to share space with such an enlightened and radiant person like Eve. She has devoted a lifetime of service to healing through the Divine. The retreat was personalized exactly to our needs; meals, detox, powerful energy work, mantras, yoga, massages, spiritual guidance. All the staff were supportive, welcoming, warm, loving & caring souls. Many Koh Samuians live humbly - it was so lovely to be able to experience the beautiful natural environment and detox on so many levels. I consider myself blessed for the synchronicity that brought me to Suryamuni Spiritual Healing Center. The experience was priceless, a testament to how far I have come on my spiritual journey. An acknowledgement that I was more than ready for the next level. I invite you to take the time to view Eve's page and follow your inner guidance. Are you ready to commit to your holistic healing and spiritual growth? Come with an open heart and mind.

Anna ( Canada )

visited December 2019


I am full of gratitude and joy

Dearest Eve,
I am back home a week already. I feel different and the subtle anxiety that has always been there is gone. I'm doing daily mantra, meditation and following your instructions. I've gone back to yoga classes. I missed the place a lot after I left!
I know without any doubt that my prayers were answered and Ganesh healed me. I pray daily for wisdom and guidance. I have lost weight and my body has changed. My thoughts are clear and my mind no longer races. My purpose is more clear. I am full of gratitude and joy and I'm at peace. I'm able to better support those around me who need help. I am telling everyone about my experience with you at the centre.
May the new year bring you all so much peace, joy and love.
With my deepest gratitude and love,

Sylvia ( Canada )

visited December 2019

MAMA EVE!!  Hellloooo!!

This is Stacey, I hope you remember me! I was with you not too long ago between Christmas and New Years.

I have been thinking about you a lot lately and I just wanted to reach out and find out how you are doing. I planned to visit you again before going back to America but the issues with Coronavirus + traveling caused me to leave Asia earlier than I had planned.

I am sad I won't see you anytime soon but I carry your spirit with me always. I am still reciting my mantras!

Thank you for everything. I can't wait until we can meet again.

My love to allll the dogs! x

Stacey ( US )

visited December 2019

This experience is Life Changing

Dear Eve

A little note to wish you a beautiful and joyful Birthday ! I want to express my deep gratitude for welcoming us into your space, sharing your Healing, Wisdom and Love. This experience is Life Changing - I am so thankful our souls connected.

May your birthday ( and beyond ) be filled with Love, Laughter and Magic.

My heart and soul is grateful, because of you

With deep Love

Sara and Stephen ( USA )

visited January 2020

Dear Khun Eve,

Thank you so much for taking good care of me and helping me.

I’ll come and see you again soon.

Happy birthday.


Rowena ( Philippines )

visited January 2020

I do still feel quite energized

Hi Eve,

Thanks so much again for the beautiful visit we had last October. My husband Gurpreet and I very much enjoyed meeting you.

I wanted to follow up and let you know that I've been incorporating the mantras you provided as part of my daily meditation practice (working on my consistency). I do still feel quite energized when I do repeat the mantras and I've had some incredible abundance come into my life, so thank you.

With love and gratitude,
Christine ( USA

visited October 2019

Incredible spiritual and enlightening experience

I visited Eve and Goong by myself due to various health issues and feeling a bit lost. I didn’t know what to expect, but came willing to embrace what ever came my way and I would recommend everyone who visits to be completely open, honest and to just go with the flow. Eve is a remarkable and very special lady and she made me feel like family. She is great company, the stories of her life are mesmerising, the conversation flowed and she has a great sense of humour. We laughed often and I truly feel that we are now friends for life. The previous Australian visitors (who Eve spoke very highly of) give a good description of the process so I won’t go over similar ground. I have been practicing the mantras she has given me and although i’ve been sceptical of this type of thing in the past I’m now a convert! Afterwards I feel a deep sense of peace, and remarkably my symptoms start to dissipate. I’m not sure how it works but it does so I don’t question it. Spending time with Eve is an experience that I will never forget and i’ll be returning to visit my dear friend for dinner and to taste her amazing cooking at the first opportunity. Thank you Eve and Goong for everything. You are both wonderful special people and I hope to see you soon

Fiona ( Ireland )

visited July 2019


Body and Soul Healing Retreat

I am very very Grateful to meet this lovely lady with 72 years old. Does not take any pills and I do have more wrinkles than her... ‍️ I did a Body and Soul Healing retreat and I learned so much about life and how to face it, what expect and what to do. I had a very good time. Thanks for everything Mama Eve ️️
I do recommend this retreat for people who need help and life guidance.

Vania ( Portugal )

Date of experience: September 2019


Part of your healing journey

I met Eve last year for a chakra cleanse. She was very accurate in all she told me without knowing much my past. The thing that intrigued me the most is when notified me that she could see a black spot in my uterus and it was growing. I followed her recommendations and seen my doctor once returned home; sure enough Eve was right. I was told I had a fibroid and it is growing. I visited Eve again this year and my only wish is I wish I visited her sooner so I could have done the detox. She is always welcoming and kind to me. I feel she is one of my guides to help me achieve my optimal physical and spiritual health. Looking forward to visiting her again.

Marta Lena ( Canada )

visited April 2019


I will treasure my time with you

Like a fish

I feel like I am up for some fresh air and the dark shadow has left me. Thank you very much for the support !

I will treasure my time with you

Love Elise

visited August 2019

I have learnt so much think of you always

Dear Eve

thank you so much for looking after us so well. It has been an honour to meet you and spend time in your home.

I have learnt so much think of you always

Love Steph

visited August 2019

Eve's values and advice will be helpful for you

We found our way to Suryamuni and Eve without really knowing what to expect. Of course we had researched the many resort style retreats available and were drawn to the simplistic and authentic nature of Suryamuni Healing Centre. It is run by a warm-hearted Thai lady, Eve, from her home. She has three dogs that welcome you every morning, they are good dogs and are always welcome of some attention. Eve hosts her guests around her large table and recounts stories from her life and gets to know you through this informal way. From the beginning, Eve invites you to ask questions and to be open and honest; if you are inclined to approach your experience in this way then Eve's values and advice will be helpful for you. The detox 'cappuccino' takes your breath away and Eve advises you to take your time with it and is checking in with how you are feeling regularly. The yoga in the morning is invigorating and you can bow out without judgement at any time, Marina (the yoga instructor) checks in and guides your stretches with consideration to your needs. Next is breakfast, and after detox and the yoga, you will have the munchies! The breakfast is cooked eggs on toast, with fresh fruit and yoghurt and is just perfect for the occasion. In amongst this time, we discuss and write mantras, performing them when the group is up to it; sometimes you might feel weird in the body or be tired and so she will not press you to sit and perform the chants. It definitely has a flexible and 'flowy' feel to it so go with that and you'll have a great experience.

Sarah and Craig ( Australia )

visited July 2019


Hi Mama Eve

How are you?

Just to let you know that I have completed the mantra you told me to chat for 10 days.

I feel good and different after that.

Hope to see you soon.

Pek Po ( Malaysia )

visited August 2019

Thank you so much for your wonderful healing

Hi Eve,

I so loved spending time with you. I knew there was a reason i was drawn to you. Thank you so much for your wonderful healing you gave to us both. We find it hard to pronounce some of the words in the mantra but i just repeat what you have said which i hope will work just fine!

Thank you Kindly
Lots of love
Orla ( Ireland )

visited May 2019

I'm feeling so good as never before in my life

Dear Eve,

today 6 month ago, I joined in your Healing Center in March. I had a wonderful healing session and a couple of great days at your wonderful place.
The only issue I was so much in resistance was the point to not drink anymore in my life my beloved glass of vine .... And what should I say now .... today there're 6 months and I'm feeling so good as never before in my life - my feeling is to be very clear and it feels, my energy is growing every day more and more.

You gave me also the message to start to teach people for meditation and today is the day, I send my first invitation for a monthly meditation circle in my private rooms - I'm so exiting about this new adventure in my life - and now it is time to say a big big THANK YOU

In the first meditation, starting in October, I will integrate the mantra I learnt by you.

I wish you much love & peace and all the best for you and your wonderful work - I hope I will return one day and can give you a big hug

Gabriela ( Germany )

visited March 2019

A truly amazing experience.

If there were six stars I would give them!

Thank you Evie for an amazing experience.

Should you be looking for a 5* Spa experience, this is not it. The time here is more important than anything money can buy & what you may be used to. It can be intense and you should be ready for that firstly.

I believe everyone's experience will be different, Evie has a gift & this will depend on the person & what they require. Perhaps you will visit her first to discuss. But an open mind & heart is a must, no expectation.

Personally I would have slept outside with the Dogs for this opportunity. I didn't care what type of room it was or for strict order, I went with the flow & it worked. This coming from someone who can be uptight & likes 5*! But in this position those things were irrelevant & I embraced it all.

Meals were delicious. The 1-to-1 healing session is something that cannot be described as is personal to all. Yoga & massages good. And the detox tea, well it isn't tasty but it does the job.  Lol.

Claus was also so helpful & Welcoming. As a group we enjoyed some great unexpected afternoon trips. It was like a family.

Thank you so much for this time which I will remember forever. I got much more from this than I expected and great value so all can enjoy, it is not a commercial money making enterprise. Evie does from the heart and that is felt.

Kate ( UK )

Date of experience: February 2019


Profoundly healing, getting my life back on track

Eve is the real deal in the realm of healers and spiritual guides. I was skeptical, not wanting a charlatan or a commercial retreat site (covering expenses and keeping the lights on is fine with me however). She actually charged me *less* than the quoted amount we had agreed upon by email, throwing me into a tailspin of confusion!

Her highest priority is the quality of her healing work, which is impeccable, with Klaus assisting. Second is logistics, so you may need to wait for your ride and the accommodations are comfortable and air conditioned but not luxury. The food is amazingly tasty vegetarian fare with egg and sometimes tofu.

When my sister and I arrived, there were 2 other people receiving healing. The structure of the retreat was relaxed (morning coffee/mantra puja followed by yoga followed by breakfast, healing at midday if that's your day, otherwise free time until dinner, Thai massage whichever time you prefer to schedule it). I did not do a physical detox. I was profoundly surprised by sublime quality of the healing energy she invoked during my session as my expectations had been quite low. I received information to help me get deeply painful confusions in my life back on track and moved into clarity. The healing was likely one of the odder experiences of my life, but the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is excellent! Go to Evie and Klaus for healing if you are open to new and deep methods.

Tracy ( USA )


visited December 2018

I really feel I got what I needed to heal

I thought I’d touch base and say hello as Today is 10 days since I left the retreat.

Thank you again for your time and hospitality, I greatly appreciate your openness and warm hospitality.

Since I have left I have not had any alcohol or meat and have been doing my mantras every day at sunrise as I promised I would. On reflection I’m so grateful for my time with you (even if I wasn’t relaxed) and I really feel I got what I needed to heal. Since my return home people are commenting on how well I look. I certainly feel differently and feel there has been a shift within me. So thank you again.

Eve you will be impressed as on my return home I made some vegetarian Thai green curry and some sweet and sour stir fry. I have been diligent.

I hope you both are well and looking forward to i day seeing you again.

Kind regards
Melissa ( Australia )

visited March 2019

many fond memories with you

You guys came in my mind; maybe because it’s a year today that I arrived at your home.

I have so many fond memories with you. I still reflect & use what I have learnt from my time with you.

I hope I find you both in great health & happiness

Best Jude ( UK )

visited Feb. 2018

Dear Evie,

Thank you for a very special experience, one I will never forget !

you are wonderful people, who really know how to live, thank you again for everything.

loving wishes

Kirsten ( USA )

visited December 2018

I   love you  muchoooooo

Hi Mami!

Iove yoouuu!

I just got to Panama 10 hours ago! I am now at the

Airport goin to Colombia!

I really miss also  the delicious breakfast and the passion fruit  (maracuya) jam mmmm soo delicious  . I keep doing the mantras and I discovered that they work like magic, every time something is slow I just repeat them and everything flows very fast,

Happy new year mi Goodness

I love you both you are in my heart ❤️ and in my soul

I would like to return and hug you a lot  ..

I   love you  muchoooooo

Lina  ( Colombia )

visited December 2018

I am much more aware of the beauty in life

Hello dear Eve

One of the topics that came up in my Karma Cleaning was how I kept ignoring happiness. It was always so near and I constantly tried to look for it so far away. Always a step ahead. Not in the moment.

This was quite hard to take in that moment, I gotta admit. But I dare to say that I understand it now. And I am happy that I am much more aware of the beauty in life. I feel good with what i have and am - or at least I know that I am on the right way of healing. : )

I am sure that we will meet again.

I hope you and your cheeky dogs are all good and healthy

I wish you all the best and send you hugs

love from snowy Switzerland

your Celine

( visited January 2018 )

Profound enlightenment and healing experience

I arrived to Evie at a time where I was burnout from working and living in an extremely stressful and toxic environment. My heart was bruised and I didn't know how to love myself the way I loved others..I was in a dark place...and then I was led across the world to visit Evie! A magical light was found within me...I have never taken the time for myself before: and here I was on a island: at a healing retreat, meditating, taking a detox tea, practicing yoga, having a karma cleansing...Who am I?!?!

Evie is simply stated a magical soul! She made me see something in myself that I didn't know was there, she helped heal me on so many different levels, I am still understanding nearly 4 months later! It her love, her care, it's her delicious food, its her whole being that helped me to a lighter, brighter and happier place within myself!

Surya Muni is place that you have to want to be at. For you. It is magical. It is everything I didn't I know needed and more! I am so eternally grateful that I was led to come here!

Tiffany ( USA )

visited November 2018


I really enjoyed all of our talks and the wisdom

Mama Eve!

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for my 5 days at your place. I finished my 10 days no meat, no alcohol, and mantras and I feel great. I really enjoyed all of our talks and the wisdom you shared with me. Plus your food was so good, I'm sure you know because I ate everything on the plate and then had more :)  I was wondering if I could continue my Mantras? I enjoy doing them every day. I'm so much more grateful for my life now.

Thank again! I cant wait to come back and visit.

With much Love,


visited November 2018

Total Lifestyle Change

I came to Suryamuni with the objective to recharge, start anew and build a healthy habit before coming back to my old life in the city. I couldn't have made a better decision.

My 5-day detox, healing and mantra proved to be very effective in attaining my goal. The detox concoction flushed out my bodily wastes and helped me lose weight without experiencing the mood swings and body aches I usually had with other weight-loss routines I have tried in the past. The yoga and body massage surely helped a lot, too. Most importantly, my one-on-one sessions with Mama Eve helped me clear my mind and focus on the task at hand one day at a time.

It is essential to be open when coming to Suryamuni Healing Center. While it is not a place to solve whatever personal problems or issues one has, it is definitely a safe haven for "learning by doing". I achieved the kickstart I came for. Now, I am back in the concrete jungle with the lifestyle lessons I have learned from Mama Eve, armed with prayer, healthy routine and delicious vegetarian recipes!

(Note: It is my 16th day on the routine I have learned at Suryamuni, and have already lost 8kgs in total. I am extremely overweight, so it might be different for various body types, and attitude. If YOU think this is for you, be open to change and embrace the daily routine. Good luck and God bless you.)

Joanne ( Phillipines )

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visited October 2018

Thank you, Mama Eve,

for the wonderful 10 days I spent with you here in Lipa Noi. I will cherish what I learned from you and make the necessary changes in my life. You have taught me many valuable lessons. Until we meet again!!! God bless you heaps!


Joanne ( Phillipines )

visited October 2018

an incredible experience

Thank you for everything you do. Spending the week at suryamuni was an incredible experience. Thank you for your kindness yummie food and holding space for healing.

Dahlia ( USA )

visited November 2018

Amazing authentic experience

My partner and I visited Evie for two nights last month while on our Thailand travels. I was looking for a authentic spiritual experience and this is what I got. If your looking for a luxury retreat in a flash hotel this isn't it. Evie has the kindest heart and offers such beautiful wisdom and guidance. Her cooking is amazing! The massages were great. Go with an open heart and an open mind and the results will speak for themselves. My partner Lucas and I are so grateful for our experience here with Evie


visited June 2018

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( https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g1925995-d8614231-r600366472-Surya_Muni_Spiritual_Healing_Center-Lipa_Noi_Ko_Samui_Surat_Thani_Province.html )

It was a fantastic experience

Hi Eve,

Thank you for the love, stories and laughs shared this week... and of course the fantastic food and cooking lessons, I’m ready to enjoy vegetables dishes !  It was a fantastic experience to be with you and Kung, as well as to have you share your knowledge!

Thank you to Ganesha for his time and reassure me on the future! Shanti Shanti

Much love!

Angélina ( Canada )

visited June 2018

the time we spent with you we will cherish forever

Hi Eve,

How are you? Thought I would check in and see how everything is with you.

Lucas and I are doing really well. I have continued with my mantra every single day since I left! I think it's something I'll probably do forever. Really appreciate your wisdom and guidance, the time we spent with you we will cherish forever. We are so grateful.

Lots of love,

Jo and L.

visited June 2018

Good morning Ms. Evie,

Thank you so much for our time together on Sunday morning.  Everything we talked about is repeating in my head and I am grateful to meet you.

I have been saying the mantras you gave me.

Thanks so much,

Nacime ( USA )

visited July 2018

Spiritually Transformative and a Profound Experience

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to receive a profound transformative spiritual healing from such an Amazing woman. Evie's incredible ability to channel the Divine connection for chakra healing energy, karmic release and the messages is truly an experience that I will not forget.

As an Empath myself, I 'know' that The spiritual energy work that Evie does can be completely draining and tiring. However, Evie went over and beyond to see that I was getting the understanding and clearing that I needed at all times.

Evie is a very heart warming beautiful person and anyone whom has the privilege to meet her is blessed . Evie is a genuine Spiritual channel and if you go to her with an open heart , listen to her words of wisdom and do what she tells you then you will get wonderful healing on many levels. I know I did! I got so much more than I expected in my experience.

I came across The Suryamuni Healing Center whilst googling online and whilst I came across many others, I was guided (my intuition - I am a channel meself) to go to this one and I am so grateful that I did. I found the whole 6 day package to be of incredible value for money. ie;

* my own little comfortable bungalow set in a beautiful area full of trees with the sound of birds to wake up to every morning. The pool was lovely too.

Live and Hugs

From Donna ❣ ( Australia )

visited May 2018, tripadvisor edited

Unforgettable experience

I signed up for a 5 night programme at Suryamuni Healing Centre, and am very happy that I did. Evie is a special and gifted lady that can help anyone that comes to her with an honest and open mind. She loves to help people, and both her and Claus will look after you like you are family. I found that the programme offered the perfect balance of free time and scheduled items, for example massages and yoga. The nearby beach is peaceful, beautiful and clean. Evie’s friends at the nearby massage place are lovely, and give a great massage and friendly service. Evie is also a very talented cook, I thoroughly enjoyed the meals she prepared! Having had the opportunity to learn how she made them, I look forward to trying to recreate them at home. If you are an animal lover, get ready to fall in love with her dogs, because they are angels! Evie is fun to spend time with, she shares great wisdom and also has a great sense of humour! Having left 4 days ago, I feel rejuvenated, relaxed, healthier, and am continuing to notice more benefits as time goes on. Thank you Evie and Claus for your kindness. I hope to visit you again some day.

Louise ( Ireland )

Visited April 2018

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Such a great experience

we wanned to thank you again for such a great experience and wish you all the best

Best wishes from Debo & Tomi!! ( Brazil )

visited June 2018

"Amazing experience”

I am deeply grateful for the time spent with Eve. She is an authentic healer, a deeply caring and wise woman. I have spent 5 days with her and found her wise words and kind heart refreshing and extremely helpful. The spiritual ceremonies have been deeply touching and the yoga, first class.

Her cooking was amazing as well; I will never forget those authentic Thai dinners and the smells of all the herbs she uses for the delicious dishes she prepares.

I left feeling refocused and refreshed with a new outlook in life and a much deeper understanding of myself and my life purpose. I did not expect I would get so much from those 5 days when I did my booking, but looking back at this experience, these were the best spent 5 days of my life.

I would highly recommend her for anyone who's really serious about their healing journey.

Thank you Eve

Much love,

Roxana ( Romania )

Visited February 2017

A positive, unforgettable experience

Thanks so much to Eve and Klaus at Surya Muni Spiritual Healing Center. This place was recommended to me by my partner who attended a retreat here a couple of months before me. I was not really sure what to expect and as I’m usually a very skeptical / non spiritual person I didn’t think it would be for me. However, having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis almost a year ago, I am always open to anything that can help me manage this chronic condition as naturally as possible.

I had a very warm welcome from Eve and Klaus and felt at home there straightaway. They are both very kind, honest and open hearted people. I committed to 4 days of the herbal detox, restorative yoga, Thai massage, spiritual healing and Evie’s awesome vegetarian / vegan Thai cooking. This certainly was a very interesting experience and something definitely shifted for me during the days I spent here. As I said, I’m not a spiritual person but the energy I felt after the spiritual healing, as well as the reduction in my symptoms during the detox, made me re-evaluate my own preconceptions and the limitations I could be putting on myself.

The accommodation is very basic and a little walk away from the center (less than 10 minutes) but all the essentials are there and the room is clean. Eve also has a few very energetic dogs, who are friendly and like visitors but if you are not used to dogs then you should just be aware they will be very excited to meet you!

Since leaving the center, I have a different perspective on my life, my relationships and my condition and I hope that lasts! I feel like I’m back on the road to recovery. I hope to visit Surya Muni Spiritual Healing Center again some day :)

Mazhin ( U.K. )

Visited March 2018

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Treatment for your body but mostly for your heart and soul"


I was looking for something real and authentic, spiritual but not commercialised and in a simple environment. Well, Eve offered exactly that. It might not be for everyone but it was exactly what I needed. I had looked through all the ads from other schools/retreat centres but all sounded too commercial and too "unreal". With Eve's way of teaching and talking, healing and joy I feel so much gratitude. I am not sure why and how but for some reason this place found me and I found this place. It feels to me that there is a "before Eve" and an "after Eve" for me now. She offers you her heart if you are honest with yourself and with her. She offers a lot, has a lot to give, is very humble, open, direct, warm, generous, and is so funny and just wonderful. I did the detox for 6 days/5 nights. Trust her method, listen, be open and focus on yourself and you will feel the impact on you....from a physical point of view but also very much from a spiritual and mental point of view. The accommodation (10 minutes walk from Eve's place) is simple and could look nicer with a little bit more care but as it was mentioned before me, this is not a spa in a luxury resort. The pool is fantastic though! The focus is on you as an honest and authentic human being. Any luxury would just take the focus off of what's important during the retreat: YOU! A big thank you to Eve and her helpers for an unforgettable caring attitude. You will be forever in my heart!


Really nothing!

Tim ( USA )

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Update after our karma clearing!

Hi Eve!

How are you?!  I wanted to THANK YOU so much for the work you did with me!!  I have been saying my mantras every day, and I already feel SO much better!  Some ups and downs...I don't feel good all day everyday...but I definitely feel good every day!!!

Some amazing things have been happening!!  You said that David (the man I love, who wasn't talking to me) would contact me 10 days after I leave...and he texted me EXACTLY 10 days after I left!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! 


N.B. ( USA )

Visited January 2018

feel great and I’m full of gratefulness for you

Dear Eve,

Hope you and the dogs are good! Just to let you know that I feel great and I’m full of gratefulness for you. Thank you very much for all you made for my and for humanity. I’m lucky to know you.

Warm regards, 🙏🏼

Malvina from  Romania

visited March 2018

Hello my dearest Eve

It’s been a month now since I left Ko Samui. And I really miss you!!! How are you doing? Has there been an opportunity  to get a few days rest? Only a few days ago I finally put of your bracelet. I wore it non stop for 3 weeks to remain the connection.

I am doing just fine.

I am also still doing my mantra’s and it’s becoming a nice ritual in the morning. Not eating meat is not hard at all.

But I feel a big change as well. Peace. I am not as harsh to myself as before. And I am feeling a great sense of belonging and walking the right path. I still think a lot about your wise lessons Eve. Some of them I finally understood when I was home.

I would really like to hear from you. And I truly miss you and your lovely place. I’m sure I’ll be back.

Love Karin

Karin ( Netherlands )

Visited February 2018

I will miss you as I truly felt like home there


Thank you so much for everything.  I will miss you as I truly felt like home there. 

Will keep in touch

Robert ( USA )

Visited February 2018

I have never felt better in my life

Hi Eve,

Hope all is well!  I have never felt better in my life.  I find myself time to step back and really enjoy my moments.  I carry my book I wrote my Mantra Puja in- Everywhere I go.

I’m in Tel Aviv, Israel now for some work, but use everything you taught me to help me each day.

Thank you for helping me realize the essentials in life.  I may not write often but I always have my time there with you in mind.

I will keep you up to date.


Robert S. ( USA )

Visited Febr. 2018

Life Changing Experience with Eve

Surya Muni is a very special place. I visited a few months ago to attend the Body-Mind-Spirit retreat and it was an unforgettable trip. Eve is unlike anyone I have ever met and I think of her every day and am so appreciative of her. However, this is not a retreat for everyone. This retreat is for people who are genuinely seeking healing and treatment - and commonly you will be treated for much more than you expected. This retreat is not for people who want to just party during their time in Ko Samui. This amazing retreat is for people who want the best in their lives and are willing to listen and be open-minded to all of what Eve has to offer.

Thank you, Auntie Eve!

Rachel ( UK )

Visited January 2017

Life-changing, but challenging

Having spent 6 days with Eve at the Surya Muni Healing Centre, my biggest recommendation to potential visitors is to listen to your heart.

I looked at all sorts of retreats before I chose this one. Without a doubt, it was the right choice for me, but I would never describe the experience as easy. Every part of me knew that this retreat was the one for me before I got there, but I wouldn't say it's right for everyone.

Eve is The Real Deal. She speaks to things you might not even know are true about yourself. She heals. And if you are there openly, and for the right reasons, she will give everything she has for you.

She's also a fantastic cook. You will eat very, very well as part of your time here. Imagine having your very own Thai grandmother cooking authentic food for you every night of the week.

Completing my journey at Surya Muni was one of the greatest achievements of my life, but you do not achieve without pain. It wasn't easy, and so if you're looking to relax by a pool and flirt with strangers, I wouldn't recommend this particular journey for you.

If every part of you is screaming "YES!" at the idea of attending, then do it. It'll be the greatest thing you ever do for your mind, body, and spirit.

I arrived broken and grieving. I left whole and more in touch with my spirit than I have ever been. Think and meditate carefully before you commit, but if it's right for you, it will change your life.

Kat ( New Zealand )

Visited January 2017


The most fulfilling week of my life !

I attended the 6 day retreat at Suryamuni Healing Center, and must say that the retreat was probably the most fulfilling week of my life!

The spiritual healing sessions were amazing and hugely beneficial.

I felt so welcome and so at home and I really have so much love in my heart for Eve and all she does for others – a truly wonderful experience. The personal attention Eve given to each participant were simply amazing and contributed to our growth.

But what was to me the most important were the remarkable spiritual teachings of Eve and her healing sessions.

Don't expect a wellness resort or Spa, this is a serious place for people who want to take care of their health, often people with serious illnesses. I can only highly recommend Suryamuni to people open to a different approach to health and willing and able to accept it.

Eve has a big heart and is much fun. Everyone in the retreat enjoyed to talk and laugh.

You will receive exceptional attention and will be treated very well

The food is very nicely cooked.

I highly recommend this retreat to those who want to take care of their physical, mental and spiritual balance and maintain health and happiness. Definitely looking forward to another retreat soon

DJLextasy ( Switzerland )

visited December 2017

Dearest Eve

I had some medical tests done on my cancer (the first since being with you) and that they came back showing great results

Dearest Eve,

I hope this email finds you well and that life has been good to you.

I would like to let you know that I had some medical tests done on my cancer (the first since being with you) and that they came back showing great results. There are still signs of the cancer still being in my body, but nothing to worry about at this stage. The next tests will be in July where we are expecting even better results.

I have attached a photo of myself at Mount Everest Base Camp which was the destination of a long trek with my eldest daughter which we did late last year and something that I was able to do thanks to you. During my stay in Nepal, I was able to get a different take on the Buddhist way of life as the Nepalese follow the Buddhist philosophy a little differently to you, still all it’s all about inner peace, balance etc.

Again thank you for your help and wish all the best.

Kind Regards

Graham ( Australia )

Visited Oct. 2017

You’re a true healer and mother nature

Dearest Eve,

Thank you for the Love and wamth you provided at Suryamuni.

Your wisdom will travel with me wherever I go. I was leaving with love in my heart, positive energy and

A bounce in my step !

You’re a true healer and mother nature.

With all my love, respect and warmth.

See you again I’m sure

Suki ( UK )

Visited Sept. 2017

You have reminded me of what LIVING A LIFE means

Dear Eve,

This experience here brought me back home – and I am so appreciated and full of gratitude.

You have reminded me of what LIVING A LIFE means and I will take this and you with me for the rest of my journey. I do hope to see you again.

With greatest Thanks and Love


Visited sept. 2017

Eve is a very special giving person

I feel spiritual enlightment,

growth in myself with more energy, cleansed and continuing to heal.

Eve is a very special giving person, may she have a longer and healthy life and continue to help heal others.

I will be back here some day. Thank you for the wisdom

Miss you much love   L.

Visited sept. 2017

I have loved my 5 days with you

Dearest Eve,

A little note won’t do justice to how grateful I am to you. I have loved my 5 days with you, your cooking, your company, your energy. Thank you for welcoming me in to your life and your home. You certainly are mama Eve, I have felt so well looked after.

I leave feeling happier, lighter, brighter and I can’t wait to see what is ahead of me.

Thank you for the wise words and Mantra song

Kate ( UK )

Visited sept’17

This place is perfect for healing

I found her site online, called her and she took me in with open arms.

There is a salt water pool which I enjoyed every day not far from room.

She put me on detox immediately after I came, yoga every morning together with praying and meditation.

She cook for me every day and I am very happy I found this place and meet this magificent Soul.

She also did karma clearing.

She know me better then I know myself from first sight.

What an amazing person.

I highly recommend this place for healing you mind heart and body and also for insight.


William ( Norway )

Visited February 2017

A life changing experience

After a long, desperate search for a last minute trip I came across this wonderful place. Evi was quick to respond to my plea of taking me in for some much needed healing. For the duration of the week that I was there I was very fortunate to be the only one present. The resort was extremely relaxing and peaceful, my room was clean and I had everything I needed. Evi was extremely generous with her time, she gave the guidance I needed to now live my life more for-filled. After spending time with the amazing yoga teacher, Evi assisting me with mantra practice and filling me up with nutritious food; I would return to the pool to swim and rest. I was then welcomed back to Evi's place where we spent the evening cooking and talking. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life and are feeling in need of re-thinking the way you are living your life this will be the place for you to visit.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Evi


Visited August 2017

It Changed our lifestyle.

My sister and I were looking for a retreat in Ko Samui and by chance we found Surya Muni Spiritual Healing. We were not sure what to expect but decided to go with an open heart after reading some reviews.

We wanted to experience the healing of our body, mind and soul and this is the only retreat with Chakra and Karma cleansing.

After spending 5 days sharing our thoughts with Eve, we began to understand and see things clearer in our lives. Her wisdom has opened up our mind and her detox program have began to heal our body.

For the body to heal, we stopped drinking alcohol and eating meat. It has been almost 3 months on seafood and veggies diet and we never felt so good before especially after losing some weights.

It's quite an experience to have Chakra and Karma cleaning. We didn't feel anything at first and didn't know what to expect after the cleansing. But after almost 3 months, things are getting better with our lives. It changed our lifestyle and we found peace. We have a clearer mind and enjoy simple things in life. Things are progressing well and hope things will be better in months and years to come.

For those who are planning to go to this retreat, please don't expect a 5 star treatment. Go with an open mind. We were not sure when we first saw the place. And we were glad that we made a decision that has changed our lifestyle

A.& J. ( Malaysia )

Visited April 2017

I feel myself stronger, more balanced and positive

It's been about three weeks since I had my karma clearing, chakra balancing, and counseling session with Eve. Since then I feel myself stronger, more balanced and positive. The relationships with my husbent became more close, supportive, and , hopefully , will become more sweet. The guidance she gave me is very helpful on a daily basis. Let me thank you once again for it!

Marina ( Ukraine )

Visited February 2017

I left Surya Muni SHC the most happiest and healthiest I've ever been in my entire life!

I came to this retreat tired, sick and a bit depressed. Although I have faith in spirituality I still needed some guidance to a better way of life. At the Surya Muni Spiritual Healing Centre I got that and much more! Eve, who runs the retreat, is a very wise woman and has a wicked sense of humour once you warm up to her. She's available round the clock when you need help and she wears her heart on her sleeve, this shows through her hospitality and strong work ethic. I left Surya Muni SHC the most happiest and healthiest I've ever been in my entire life! And I owe it all to Eve and her partners Kathy (Yoga Instructor), Lat (Masseuse), and Dy (Samui Cottage Caretaker) who all make such an amazing team! They all work in harmony to serve your needs and are highly competent in what they do. I must exclaim that this retreat is only for people who are open-minded, humble and are ready to surrender themselves completely to receive the full benefits.

Thank you again for your help. I feel like a completely new person! Peace and Love!

Morgana ( Australia )

Eve is a spiritual goddess, we highly recommend you visit her

"I booked my husband and I in for a retreat with Eve s in May and am so glad we did. The experience was incredibly worthwhile and relaxing. Their hospitality is second to none. Eve is a spiritual goddess, we highly recommend you visit her. She will change your life for the better without a doubt."

statah ( Australia )

Absolutely loved the retreat

"Absolutely loved the retreat. Eve is a wonderful person with a huge heart. A beautiful soul. I would recommend everyone to go and see her. She is a life changer!"

Stacey Palmer  ( Australia )

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You are an example how to serve others

Dear Eve,

Thankful and Grateful for my stay with / in Suryamuni Healing Centre and especially with you Eve. Detox time was hard but so welcome. Love your food, the meditation and healing sessions.

Amazed about your life story and your compassion to heal the other people.

You are an example how to serve others without losing your own needs.

Good to meet you Eve, I will come back.

Namaste in wisdom, peace and light, but most of all in Love.

Ganesha & Shiva thank you !


Monique,visited, Febr. 2017 from Netherlands

You are an amazing person and a great example for me

Dear Eve,

Just to say thank you for the fantastic time at Suryamuni Healing .I feel better already.

Keep in touch. Was lovely to meet you. You are an amazing person and a great example for me.

Thanks for everything

P.S. Your food is amazing

Roberto ( UK )

Visited Febr. 2017

My time spent with you has been amazing !

Dearest Eve,

My time spent with you has been amazing !

Thank you for your encouragement, wisdom and kind words. Your meditations are powerful and strong.

I am blessed to have spent the time with you. I wish you and your family all the best. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the great food.

You helped to bring peace in my life.

Nancy ( Canada )

Visited Febr. 2017

You’ll always be in my mind and in my heart

Dear Eve,

Thank you for everything, you give so much for us.

You’ll always be in my mind and in my heart.

Thanks again mother Eve

Best wishes for your life


Visited Febr. 2017

Merci Eve

Merci Eve pour ces moments passes avec toi. Ce souvenir sera garde a ma memoire.

Merci pour la liberation de mes karmas.


Emilie ( France ), visited Febr. 2017

Thank you so far for a very special retreat and healing

Dear Eve,

Thank you so far for a very special retreat and healing. Your words and wisdom will be forever in my heart.  May peace and love find you forever.


Wendy ( Canada ), visited Febr. 2017

Through you I have been given my smile back

Dear Eve,

I came here to seek  guidance in a difficult time of my life. I hope I could stay longer because in this short time I learnt so much. Thanks to your openness to me. You open the door to my energy to flow better.

Through you I have been given my smile back and today I am a more positive and more beloved person.

Thank you Eve for this. Thank you Klaus for being so hospitable, friendly and generous with your time.

Thanks Shiva and Ganesh to be tough on me and make me see more clearly.

Power of Now, Live without Fear, Greatfullness always. I are blessed.

I wish you the Best every day

Giovanna ( Italy ), visited March 2017

I left feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, healthy and at peace

Hello Evie

would like to say Thank you for having me at your retreat over the last week. I left feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, healthy and at peace.

Jenny ( USA )

visited April 2017

My time with Eve and my teachings from her changed my life in a very positive way

My time with Eve and my teachings from her changed my life in a very positive way. I shall never forget it and her. I feel very close to God now and reconnected with the divine energy. :). I'm still blossoming.

Liz ( USA

Eve is the blessing and thru her, the Divine universe speaks

I am very blessed and thankful to meet Eve and to find the clearer picture

of the puzzle of life, to walk the path to find the answer, why I am here,

what is my life purpose and why things happening in my life.

For people like me who seek the meaning of life - Eve is the blessing and

thru her, the Divine universe speaks, to find the door and knowing myself

better, to find the answers of the questions that I always seek. I am very

grateful for what she had been doing and make the most fulfilling retreat I

ever been.

I couldn't say anything more than Thank you Eve, Thank you Dewa to come to

my life.

Not forgetting Thank you Claus for the hospitality and bringing us along

for wonderful 8 days. For my faithful mate -thank you Simone to bring joy

to make the unforgettable retreat.


 Diana ( Singapore )

Thank you for everything

Thank you for everything and all the time you shared!! Will touch base when I'm back.

With Love

Chelsea ( USA )

Thank you for everything

Just to let you know that Daniel is on the road to recovery and sends his love.

Thank you for everything

Big love

Abi ( UK )

great thanks to Eve for looking after me like her own son

Life is good. My parents … are mostly shocked that I have found God... But change is good. And I'm certainly rustling a few feathers. My parents also give great thanks to Eve for looking after me like her own son. Bless you. They are eternally greatful. If there is anything they can do for you please give the word. Mum, will no doubt come and see you one day.

Love to you both,

Daniel ( UK )

Everything you said became true

Eve you saved my life, I am so grateful that ‘ god ‘ gave me an extension( without visa )  to stay a little bit longer in  this world.  I travelled the world and now I found, what I was looking for.

So happy to met you,  to experience your healing services, everything you said became true .



I did get an experience that I will treasure

Part of my work on myself is to not have big expectations and to live and enjoy the moments that I have.  On that premise I enjoyed my time with you and felt that I did get an experience that I will treasure.

I will one day come back and when I do I shall visit you again.  .

Sending you both love also...

Nicky ( UK ), visited 2016

You were nice to me

You were nice to me. Thank you for your wishes and blessings

I love you

Zaloa ( Spain )

We later took part in a healing ceremony which was absolutely amazing!!!

We discovered Surya Muni Spiritual Healing Center at Lipa Noi when looking for healthy and spiritual places and cafès.

We felt immediately at ease and Eve was perfect friendly host and we could have an interesting spiritual conversation as well as a down-to-earth chat! We later took part in a healing ceremony which was absolutely amazing!!! Highly recommended stop in Lipa Noi!!

Astra & Guis ( Italy )

beste spirituelle Erfahrung meines Lebens

In Suryamuni Healing Center hatte ich die beste spirituelle Erfahrung meines Lebens, Eve, die Inhaberin des Centers, hat als ' channel for the Divine ' mir die Augen geoeffnet und mein Leben positiv veraendert.

Alex , Switzerland

I will remember my visit for ever!

I am a kinesiologist living in Melbourne Australia and while I was in Samui I wanted to experience a healing session. I googled Healing Centres a few months before my trip and came across Surya Muni Centre. When I arrived I immediately felt at ease. Eve was very easy to talk to and very open with her views on life and healing. We sat on the floor on a mat and the session started. Eve went on with the session, which I found absolutely amazing and very interesting.  I will remember my visit for ever! Thank you Eve, I highly recommend a visit to Surya Muni Spiritual Healing Centre

Dee, Australia

I appreciate and respect your spiritual healing which I can now use to move forward.

Good morning eve I just wanted to say I hope you are feeling OK  and being so kind to let me see you yesterday your wise words of wisdom are going to a help to me and I appreciate and respect your spiritual healing which I can now use to move forward.....

kind regards

karen from australia

I was happy to meet someone who is so close to God

And thank you so much for being so lovely to me, I appreciate it a lot! I was happy to meet someone who is so close to God, surrendered and sharing her true nature, love and goodwill.

Aija form Estonia

Hi lovley soul.

So great to meet you, amazing energies and you really are a master on this planet, I can feel that. ❤️ see you when it's meant to be!

Angelina ( Sweden )

Thank you for everything you have done for me

Thank you for everything you have done for me.

All the best,

Guy ( Israel )

it was a true pleasure to meet you !

Dear Eve

Thank you for all your help yesterday it was a true pleasure to meet you !

hope to one day see you again

Best wishes

John and Olga ( UK / Ukraine )

I feel good already

What a day Eve.. Thank you so much. I feel good already. I hope you are reading this...

Hope to see you again one day.

Ilkay  ( Turkey )

I feel much better after Ganesh session with Eve, I received a powerful energy and jumped on a higher, more positive level. I can truly enjoy my holidays now! I am so grateful and happy I visited you.

Let us stay in touch!

Kisses, ewa  ( Poland )

visited february 2016

I received a powerful energy and jumped on a higher, more positive level

Thank you for guiding me into the light!

"Words cannot express the amount of love and gratitude that I have for Aunty Eve. My perception of life has truly been changed for the better and I cannot wait to visit Suryamuni Healing Center again. Thank you for guiding me into the light! "

Tammy ( USA )

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visited July 2016

A truly amazing and life changing experience

" I can't thank Eve (Friend, Confidant, Mother, Spiritual Healer and advisor) enough!

A truly amazing and life changing experience, exactly what the doctor ordered.

Prior to the 7 day spiritual healing retreat at Surya Muni I wasn't sure what to expect, as there are lot of different variations when it comes to

spiritual healing centres. What I found was a hidden gem that is run by a Lady called Eve who will give you 110% of her energy to make sure you can heal that which needs mending-Heart, Mind, Body or Soul.

I was also lucky enough to meet two other like minded people on thier own journey, which made the experience even better. A lot of laughter at meal times mixed with just the right amount of talking about what real matters in life.

Thanks again Eve, there are no words to explain my gratitude!

Thanks also to Kathy, Lat and Dy.

I would recommend this retreat to anyone that is OPEN to spiritual healing. "

Chad, Australia

Visited September 2016

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I am very grateful for the time I spent with Evie

Suryamuni is a leader in health, healing and spiritual development. You need to be open and leave your judgements behind. The most important parts of the retreat are first class, the yoga, prayer and meditation, massage and the food and care brilliant. Evie is a beautiful and intelligent woman with many great messages if you take the time to listen and be still. This is not like other retreats and is only for those really wishing to experience growth and greater health. Do your own research, but I am very grateful for the time I spent with Evie.

Mark, Australia

Visited October 2016

You have been such a positive influence in my life

Sawadee ka Mama Evie,

Just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm thinking of you and you are in my prayers.

You have been such a positive influence in my life and I will forever be grateful.

I went to a Gypsy Fair yesterday and thought of you. I had a tarot card reading from a woman with a Ganesh wall hanging on her cabin. When I saw Ganesh, my inner voice told me to have a reading done. She was surprisingly very accurate and said that I just had a, "revelation". She said that my biggest challenge would be facing the unknown and that I just needed to have faith and basically not think too much haha. Just like what you and Ganesh told me!

If it hadn't been for my time at Suryamuni, I don't think I would have trusted my inner voice yesterday and i'm so grateful that I can now trust my heart to guide me...and not let my head get in the way!

Thank you again Mama Evie, I'm already planning my next trip...so I'm sure I will see you again soon.

Lots of love,

Syn, Australia

It’s a kind of rebirth

Dear Ivy,

hope you are doing great there and everything is as going you wish.

I have been thinking about you for months.

I am now on the process to love my self, understand that I am enough, overcoming my issues and trying to stay connect with the high vibrations. It’s a kind of rebirth. I hope I am on the right path, I'm dure I am where I am supposed to be right now.

I remember you said that 2017 will be a good year for me, finger crossed!

I send you a tight hug and big kiss, hope you will get back to me.

With love

Mavi ( Germany )

Visited 2016

feel like magic


( Sister Eve of suryamuni rehabilitation center is really sweet, she let me follow my heart, guide me to empty myself, feel like magic. The power that Eve has given me and the food I have never seen before have made me full of hope for life. Stroll through the quiet beaches of Lipa Noi and give me a sense of well-being.)

玛诺洛斯, visited 12.08.2017

had a direct conversation with God


( In Koh Samui, Thailand, I finally found a soul experience that I could not find in many countries before. In this rehabilitation center, I conducted activities such as meditation and yoga, and also let me enjoy the massage when I was tired. The cuisine here is my favorite vegetarian, as if having had a direct conversation with God these days.)

高格, visited 21-06-2017

the biggest impression here is the passion


( I was contacted by the Internet phone to the treatment center, the biggest impression here is the passion. Every day they cook for me, pray and meditate with me, and gradually I forget about drug abuse. They look professional and even know myself than I do.

秋玲, visited 12-07-2017

making my life more balanced and positive


( Now I have a closer relationship with my husband, even the minute minute is sweet. I am very grateful to City Rehabilitation Center staff for helping me to guide me, helping me to clean up the obstacles, understanding what is balance, making my life more balanced and positive, and I am very grateful to them.)

墨尔本, visited 10-06-2017

learns to empty myself and keep the soul going


( suryamuni The meditation and yoga prayer here is not as boring as any other learning activities. What she brings to me is a skill that learns to empty myself and keep the soul going. Just tell her your judgment, she will be based on this for treatment and guidance, when appropriate, coupled with massage and food. )

巫火, visited 25-05-2017

thank you for this special experience

Dear Eve,

I want to thank you for this special experience.

I am so thankful for your time and Love for each of us.

From the first moment when I’ve seen your page on the internet, I had a special feeling, that I have to come to see you. I’m so glad I did.

Thank you for everything, I will let you know, how my life is changing.

All the best

Celine (Switzerland )

Visited January 2018

Eine unglaubliche Erfahrung und Bereicherung für mein Leben

" Eine unglaubliche Erfahrung und Bereicherung für mein Leben "

Ich habe mich auf Anhieb zuhause gefühlt. Das Retreat hat mir vor allem geholfen, positiver in meinem Denken, Handeln und ganzen Wesen zu sein. Ich kann nicht klar benennen, zu welchen Zeitpunkt ich die Wende erlebt habe. Es war eher ein schleichender Prozess. Ich kann aber nur Sicherheit sagen, dass ich nicht die selbe Person wie vor dem Retreat bin. Ich sehe nun alles viel gelassener und entspannter und fühle mich einfach gut. Es war mir eine unglaublich große Ehre Eve kennenlernen zu dürfen. Sie ist für mich meine Thai Mommy. Ich bin sehr sehr dankbar für die Erfahrung. Auch Klaus bin ich sehr sehr dankbar für seine Mühe und sein großes Herz. Leider fehlen mir die Worte, um das auszudrücken, was ich wirklich sagen möchte. Ich hoffe, dass dies ein kleiner Hinweis dafür ist, wie glücklich ich mich schätze da gewesen zu sein. Eve, ich liebe dich❤

" An incredible experience and enrichment for my life "

I immediately felt at home. Above all, the retreat helped me to be more positive in my thinking, acting and being. I can not state clearly at what time I experienced the turnaround. It was a slow process. But I can only say for sure that I am not the same person as before the retreat. I now see everything much more relaxed and relaxed and just feel good. It was an incredible honor to meet Eve. She is my Thai Mommy for me. I am very grateful for the experience. Klaus is also very grateful for his effort and his big heart. Unfortunately, I do not have the words to express what I really want to say. I hope that this is a small indication of how happy I am to have been there. Eve, I love you

Navi ( Germany )

Visited January 2018

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Fullfilled with good thoughts and feelings

Dear Eve,

I just wanted to say hello and send warm regards to you both. I am very thankful for experience I gained in your healing centre :) Fullfilled with good thoughts and feelings... still.

All my love and greatefulness to you both and please give a hug to Eve :)))

Thank you!

Evija ( Latvia )

Visited February 2018